The Challenges and Constraints
The uses of computers and application software in agriculture do have some real constraints such as, the lack of hardware and software infrastructure, the technical know-how, and research priorities. These constraints tend to frustrate farmers who dare to venture into the implementation of computer systems in their daily business at first-try, and sometimes results in loss of huge investment made on those infrastructures.

In today's times, agriculture is not just about crop production or livestock farming activities. Many challenges such as ecological factors affecting the environment, Pest control, scheduling with sales, resource management, budgets, costing, production and accounting are the major reasons for limited growth of our agriculture industry. This is where Emiserve offers cost effective and reliable technologies that come to the rescue of farmers.

In the aspect of livestock farming, we have developed ready-made software applications to track individual animals, storing and evaluating information the animals such as age, health records, milk production, offspring productivity, and reproductive cycle status. Similarly, our accounting software provide services for record keeping, simulation of prediction-based models using the recorded data, revenue and productivity estimation and reporting to aid in making decisions.

How Emiserve Helps Your Farm

Globalization is strongly affecting agriculture and food industry to face new challenges, every coming day. Increasing competition and growing concern over food safety and quality has made it almost mandatory to agriculturists to follow professional and scientific farm management practices.

Our AgroERP and solutions help farmers and farming management with the benefits of more productivity, cost and time savings by integrating scheduling with sales, resources, budgets, costing and production. We also provide communication tools with which our clients can e-mail or use EDI to keep customers and distributors informed.

What more?
We do not only deploy our products to clients but remain with them to ensure successful implementation of the infrastructures. We also conduct free training for our clients and their employees to help them get the most out of their investment. In the event of any post-implementation problems, our technical support team is always available and can be reached within business days to resolve such issues.

Emiserve AgroERP focuses on the following aspects of farming

  • Budgets and Costing
  • Production
  • Resource management
  • Scheduling
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Risk Assessment
  • Pest Control
  • Agricultural Monitoring
  • Water Resource Management

What's New

  • New Job Opening - March 2016

    As Part of Our Official Inauguration coming Up this March 2016, We are currently undertaking a recruitment drill for the next two weeks (11-03-2016 to 25-03-2016) interested Candidates are requested to submit their CV online.

  • Current Job Opening

    We are currently recruiting marketers for our latest brand eSchoolsBoard School Management System; interested candidates should kindly submit their CV on or before 26th June, 2015.

  • Emiserve's eSchoolsBoard

    eSchools Board is a robust, comprehensive and fully functional school management system which is trusted by many top educational institutes from kindergarten to Senior Secondary School levels.

  • Emiserve's Corpmail

    Corpmail is a Corporate Emailing System developed to function as a full fledged stand alone emailing system which can be used by medium and large organizations within the locality of the organization. However, we have also designed it with the intent of integrating it as a component in other systems such an Enterprise Resource Planning system...

  • What We Do

    Emiserve is a reliable provider of web applications, information technology, consulting and business-process services.Emiserve helps to address enterprise challenges by providing comprehensive solutions that combines innovative models and technologies with passion to the our customers’ requirements...

Industries We Serve

Our core products and services deliver business and econmic values to clients across different industries including Education, Entertainment, Agriculture, Hotel and Tourism, retail and more...


"At first we had a great idea on how to move our company forward, but didnt know how to implement it. The guys at Emiserve Helped to first refine our idea and implemented it like a piece of cake. Now we can conviniently manage all our business processes from the scholarship management system thy developed for us"

~Mrs. Ijeoma
MD, Broadwayoak Links & Services.